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Lynette  Ayala

Lynette Ayala

Administrative Coordinator

As an Administrative Coordinator at Echelon Planning Group, my primary responsibility is to coordinate all aspects of client and office management, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. With over two years of experience in the financial services industry, I have developed a deep understanding of the importance of building financial freedom for individuals and helping them fulfill their financial goals. Witnessing the positive impact I can make in people's lives is what truly motivates me.

I have a passion for assisting individuals in any way possible, and I find great fulfillment in providing exceptional service to our clients. Drawing from my background in patient care, where I spent almost seven years, I have been able to transfer the skills obtained in that field to deliver the best financial services alongside my advisor. Over the past two years, I have received training from Advisors Excel, equipping me with the knowledge and expertise required to operate in this industry and support my advisor in delivering top-notch financial services. At Echelon Planning Group, we prioritize a holistic approach, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their unique needs.

The most rewarding aspect of my job see clients develop peace of mind when it comes to their finances and future endeavors. Seeing them achieve financial stability and pursue their dreams is incredibly fulfilling. Moreover, being in the field has allowed me to gain personal knowledge and skills that continue to enrich my professional journey.

Currently, I reside in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where I enjoy the vibrant community and the opportunities it offers. Outside of work, I am passionate about music and find solace and inspiration in its melodies. Spending quality time with my family and our beloved dogs brings me immense joy and relaxation. I also have a strong wanderlust, and I love exploring new places and immersing myself in different cultures.