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Echelon Planning Group supports Sweethearts and Heroes because we believe empowerment can come through empathy.

Sweethearts and Heroes

Sweethearts and Heroes is an organization with a passion for educating society about the impact that bullying has on our schools, neighborhoods and individuals. Through knowledge and communication, the organization is committed to bringing our message to individual communities — not only to help the victims but especially to empower bystanders to make a difference. We all have the potential to be someone’s hero. The message is so universal that it can help create climates of empathy, kindness and leadership in all settings, including schools, colleges and corporations.

Our Involvement

Echelon Planning Group is a proud sponsor of Sweethearts and Heroes, a program we brought to our local schools in Bow and Concord in 2018 and 2019. We believe the organization’s message is more important today than ever before, and we are committed to adding school districts to our sponsorship. With the addition of social and emotional learning programs for teachers, parents and students, this message can help our community to stay strong and make sure our community has the tools to help children through these difficult times.

All-day live events at these local schools had a specific and profound impact not only on the students, teachers, administrators and the community but also on Echelon managing partner David Hodgkins, who experienced a devastating school shooting in 1986 as a student of Concord High School. Below is a six-minute vlog of David sharing his story, followed by scenes from one of the events we sponsored.

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