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Devra Bragg

Devra Bragg

As an Executive Assistant at Echelon Planning Group, I assist in managing schedules and provide effective communication for the office, ensuring smooth operations and effective coordination. From coordinating meetings, to gathering necessary documents, I handle various clerical and data management tasks. 

Before joining Echelon Planning Group, I worked at Concord Hospital Medical Group as an Assistant Practice Manager and Practice Coordinator. This experience provided me with valuable skills in managing administrative tasks to assist our advisors in giving the best financial services possible to our community. 

 I am motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact, and to make a positive difference in one’s financial stability. Helping others has always been a passion of mine. My innate ability to understand and anticipate the needs of others has made me an efficient and empathetic assistant. I firmly believe that finance is not solely about numbers; it is also about the people. Recognizing this, I strive to provide exceptional support while building meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn, and I embrace them wholeheartedly.

Currently, I reside in New Hampshire, where I have spent the majority of my life, which is a testament to my passion of staying connected to our community