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During your working years, growth is the primary purpose of your investments. You want to accumulate as many assets as possible to help carry you through your dream retirement — which explains why this period of life is often referred to as the “accumulation phase.”

Once you reach retirement, however, the focus of your investments can become more nuanced. While growth may still be a goal, other objectives often take priority. During this phase of life — the “distribution phase” — you may want your investments to be less risky and provide more reliable streams of income.

We understand that and develop investment strategies that align with your personality, preferences, long-term goals and tolerance for risk. We research and recommend products and plans that help protect you from market volatility by providing versatility and diversity. And when opportunities present themselves or life happens, we can help you adjust your investments and identify appropriate alternatives.

Let’s sit down and make sure your investment strategy is right for you and doesn’t expose you to unnecessary risk.

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